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CamChat Script 3.6 ChatRoulette clone script Face-to-Face Chat

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CamChat Script

CamChat Script – You can use this powerful plug-in to provide your user ease. Additionally it can help your users to chat face-to- face. You can also provide them with peer-to- peer technology with it. You don't need any media server to work with it.

CamChat Script 3.6 ChatRoulette clone script Face-to-Face Chat

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Important Features:

  • It can provide your users with facility to chat with webcam or microphone. You can also use or translate it in any language you want. Users can also switch between different languages of their choice.
  • It also comprises of peer-to- peer technology. You don't need any brandwith or media server
  • to make it work. It can also allow your users to connect through webcam anywhere in the world.
  • You can also set up it on any of your web hosting site. Users can perform face-to- face chat with one another. It also comprises of other powerful features. You can use it to chat with anyone across the world free of cost.

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