Picturenaut 3.2 Latest Version For PC Is Here

  Picturenaut Hit2k.com – Picturenaut is a program for creating HDR (High Dynamic Range). It is characterized by high efficiency thanks to modern photographs processing engine and support for multi-core processors. Picturenaut have readily available options placed on the bar with tools.Working with the program should start loading the images and prepare them for processing. … Read more

Gimp 2.8.16 For Windows 10 Latest is Here

  Gimp 2.8.16 For Windows 10 Latest Hit2k.com – Gimp Final  is digital image editing software that is open soruce or too free. This software was developed by many developers, under Gim’p Team. The main function of the software Gim’p is a digital photo retouch, composing images and also create an image. Gim’p is a … Read more