PTCS 1.4.4 High-Speed Posting With Powerfull Scraper

Powerfull Scraper PTCS

Professional Trackback and Comment Submitter can help you get your SEO work complete. Additionally it provides you with high success rate. PTCS It can also help you get unlimited backlinks in few time. Hence it can provide you with verified backlinks. It saves lots of time.

PTCS 1.4.4 High-Speed Posting With Powerfull Scraper


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Important Features:

  • It can provide you with high speed posting feature. It can analyze as well as store forms for comments.
  • It can also get relevant URL from Google base on your keywords. It contains powerful built-
  • in scrapper. It can also clean all of the bad URL's.
  • It also contains an automatic link check. It can save your time and check your link after you post it.
  • It can save your bandwidth with bandwidth saver.
  • It also include blacklist filtering feature. It can save URL's in separate list which comprises of blacklist words.
  • It can keep your lists up-to- date. It contains automatic list handling feature.

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