AffiliateWP 1.8 Best Affiliate Narketing Plugin For WordPress

AffiliateWP 1.8

AffiliateWP 1.8 is an affiliate marketing plug-in available for your WordPress. Basically it can improve your visibility. It can improve SEO of your website whereas your affiliates will promote your product. It can increase your website traffic. It can then not only increase your sales but also provides you with real customers. Thus it will help your business grow more.

AffiliateWP 1.8 Best Affiliate Narketing Plugin For WordPress

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  • First your affiliate will get a referral link from you.
  • They add it on their website.
  • Customer click on referral link and directed to your website.
  • Then customer make purchases from your site.
  • That particular affiliate will get commission from your site.

Important Features:

  • It comprises of all of the important WordPress e-commerce plug-ins.
  • You can also keep an eye on your affiliate reports, earnings and registration.
  • It also provides your affiliates with their personal dashboard.
  • It will keep you updated with real time reporting.
  • You just need to install and activate it.
  • You can¬†translate into any language you want.

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