Method to Enable Discount on Social Shares in WordPress Woocommerce

 How to Enable Discount on Social shares in WordPress Woocommerce


Method to Enable Discount on Social Shares in WordPress Woocommerce

If you are going to build any kind of shopping site then you must select WordPress-Woocommerce whereas you can also use Magneto and Shopify CMS in order to create your own online shopping websites. But the best thing you can do is select WordPress as there are many options which you can chose as well as customize. There are almost twelve different kinds of websites that can be created easily by using WordPress.

This Article is all about telling people of enabling discount services on their social share by using WordPress Woocommerce website while by the help of this your visitors can get a chance to have instant discount coupon on next purchase just by sharing products as well as posts of your online shopping site on their social media.


You can get Woocommerce Social Share Discount Coupon Plug-in which you can simply add to social coupon system on your e-commerce store so that when visitor share your product or post on their social media they will get discount coupon on their next purchase.

Important Features:

  • It can help them in order to share all kind of description or detail of your product on order received page by the help of FaceBook and Twitter.
  • Once your visitor has shared the description they will instantly get discount coupon on next purchase.
    It is only valid for one time use.
  • All of the steps are simple and easy to follow which you can find in option panel.
  • It can easily work on latest version of Woocommerce as it is already tested there.

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