Easy Ways to Save Quota Internet in Windows 10

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Hit2k.com – As has been reported previously, that the latest version of the operating system released by Microsoft that Windows 10 are known to have a feature that allows the user to use the internet connection in order to share data automatically updates to the other computer. Such a feature called WUDO (Windows Update Delivery Optimization) and of course for you who have limited internet quota, will feel terberatkan be the feature. (See also: Windows 10 Turns Boros Quota Free! This He causes)

But you do not need to worry, because apparently WUDO can be turned off by some of the steps are quite easy (not too easy of course), because the settings provided by Windows was little need to dig into the Control Panel. It’s ready to take those steps? Let’s start step-by-step it.

Go to Settings via the Start Menu.


Search options & Security Update.


In the Windows Update option, open the Advanced Options.

Such a feature is actually useful for the update process, as it can help other computer for software updates automatically and efficiently, even when getting a slow connection. However, there are consequences arising. Windows will use the quota you are hidden when you are not using a computer or idle. So when you do not want that to happen, then the solution is to turn off the WUDO deh. During the try Links:

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