5 Bad Things Will Happen When You Upgrade to Windows 10

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Windows 10

Nothing is perfect in this world, including one of today’s most popular operating system is Windows 10. Although he gave a fresh wind to the world of technology, but that makes still human. Of the many bugs, the following will we summarize bug any of Windows 10’s most popular and most disturbing. (See also: How to Fix Error 0xc004d307 rearm in Windows)

Likely 5 bad things will happen if you upgrade to Windows 10, but it was quiet, we will also embed a solution of bugs, as quoted from the article on the site belong to David Nield Field Guide. Let’s start list.

Battery Life Windows 10:


There is a new version of the operating system, there is a problem on the battery life. Sure not always, but this problem is often the case that continues to emerge as a new OS appears. Windows 10 also get some protests from users having laptop battery drain very quickly. But whether because Windows 10?

Indeed, some of the old driver installed on Windows 10 is not yet fully fit, so it is not optimal in utilizing existing hardware. Therefore, do not forget to always check Driver and Firmware regularly yes, so you can update it to the latest version. In addition, the automatic update feature available in Windows 10 can not be turned off, so that he will make more power will be drained.

Default applications:


One of the things that bothers on Microsoft Windows 10 is the default option removes the file associations. The problem arises when you want to open eg a picture, you can not directly open the image with other desired application, it will open in the default image opener Windows applications.

The solution? Easy, you just need to System> Default apps. Another way that is no less easy is right click on the file you want to open, select Open with, and select Choose another app. Tick the option Always use this app when you have selected the desired application.

Older Applications You Can not Open in New OS:


This is a classic problem of every time a new version of Windows. Some software does exist that is not suitable to be opened in newer versions of Windows due to various things. Well the solution, you can use Compatibility mode that is already available from the Windows XP era, but more refined in Windows 10. Way too easy, you just need to right click on the desired application, select Properties and open the Compatibility tab. Select an older version of the OS that you want. This method does not always work, but worth a try right.

At issue Touchpad:


Some laptop brands experienced problems of compatibility between the touchpad with Windows 10. From the touchpad should be running smoothly, but appear in the calibration problem that causes a movement that you want is not in accordance with the cursor on the laptop. The solution? There’s nothing we can do but wait for a patch from Windows and laptop manufacturers.

Reboot Loop After Update:


Here it is the most popular issues of Windows 10. Some users experience a reboot is not finished and repeated after an update. Problem highly disturbing fortunately this can be resolved through a Windows user who posted the solution in Microsoft’s official forum. If you mandatory problems like this, you could see a solution on the following link.

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