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Global Ops Commando Libya Free Download

Global Ops Commando Libya Free Download – Global Ops Commando Libya is one of an action and adventurous game available in market which is developed by Spectral Games and published by Immanitas Entertainment on 26 October 2011. This game has been launched by various platforms like PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. You can enjoy playing this game alone as single player or can invite your family and friends to play as multiplayer. The whole story revolves around a B52G bomber who was carrying nuclear bomb in Arctic Sea.


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After the scenario happened a search was went on which basic objective was to find wreckage and other three of four bombs that was carried by the bomber. Whereas one of those bomb was missing and to search that CIA was searching and after a great search they came to know that Russian mafia Yebievdenko has the bomb and all he is planning is to sell it to merciless Libya. All they do is formed a special unit to stop the dealing between two rulers and among them you are the one.

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You have to face terrorist and fight against them. There is lots of challenging and interesting missions included in this game. There is wide range of vehicles and weapons added to this game to fight against all of the terrorists and stop the deal between them. Graphics of this game is stunning with detailed surrounding, characters, vehicles, weapons and environment whereas background music is amazing which adds life to the game while all of the graphics are realistic.

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