How to Permanently Activate ESET Smart Security 8

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ESET-Smart-Security-8-CrackHit2k.com – How to ESET Smart Security 8 Activation .ESET antivirus is a very popular because it is very light. However, this does not mean that the performance is not good antivirus, even ESET Smart Security is included in the world’s 10 best antivirus. A few days ago I had a post about ESET Smart Security 8 Full License. However, the license in the post only last approximately 3 months. Well, before I found the trick so ESET Smart Security 8 we can be activated permanently or permanently, so it does not need to be complicated-complicated nyari license again.ESET Smart Security 8


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How to ESET Smart Security 8 Activation :

  • Download ESET Smart Security 8 (according to your Windows system) and ESET PureFix via the link above
  • Run the installer ESET Smart Security 8, then install as usual
  • If you have, run it and select the ESET first trial
  • Go to Setup> Turn Real-time file system protection> select Disable reply until reboot
  • ESET extract PureFix have you downloaded earlier
  • Now, reboot your PC in Safe Mode in the following way: Press Windows + R on the keyboard> type
  • msconfig>Boot> Check the Safe Boot> Select Network> OK> Restart
  • If you’ve entered Safe Mode, run ESET PureFix was> then click Enable


  • ESET PureFix Close and restart your PC
  • Now ESET Smart Security 8 has been activated permanently!

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