How to block ads on your Android

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adaway_hit2k – If you’re an Android user, would never get annoyed with ads that often appear in some applications that you install. Maybe you also never know if there are applications that can block ads on your Android  like AdFree and AdBlock. But unfortunately, both applications it is rarely updated and the longer it can not be used. Well, now I have ad block app for your Android.

Application called AdAway this is a new update, so it is very unlikely that you failed to remove the ads. Of course, to use this application, you must first Android already in Root. (Read: How to Root All Android type)

1 First, download and install on your Android AdAway.

2 Open and Run, usually for the first time will be required Root access on your Android, click Grant.


3 After that, click the “Download files and apply ad blocking”. Then wait … If it says “Disabled” has turned into “Applying successful” means you’ve managed to block all existing ads.

How to block ads on your Android -  Free Android Apps

4 Restart your Android for maximum results.
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How, is not it? Eliminates stubborn ads in Android is not complicated, as long as you are already in the Android Root, everything could be possible. But if you need only to remove the ads, I do not recommend to do the rooting. Hehe (See also: 5 Reasons Why Not Need to Root Android)

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