PESEdit 2014 Patch 4.4 Full

Posted by – If you hear the word PESEdit, probably partly my friend already familiar, especially for those of you who love to play the game Pro Evolution Soccer. Does not feel alone, this time newest PESEdit was already release and this time it has entered PESEdit 2014 Patch version 4.4 patch where in this one, already include most of the KONAMI Datapack, namely Datapack 6:10. Well, what a difference PESEdit 2014 Patch 4.4 with the previous patch? In one version of this, PESEdit 2014 Patch 4.4 Full has found a new feature in the form of the 2014 Copa Libertadores game modes, and there are also updates player squad for World Cup 2014 is about to begin in this month. Not only the latest features from PESEdit 2014 Patch 4.4, here you’ll also find some new kits such as the addition of Barcelona jersey 14-15 season.PESEdit 2014 Patch 4.4 Full

PESEdit 2014 Patch Screen:

PESEdit 2014 Patch 4.4 FullPESEdit 2014_Hit2kPESEdit 2014_2_Hit2kPESEdit 2014_1_Hit2k

Download Link:

PESEdit Patch 4.4 

How To Install:

Download all the files above, then place it in 1 folder.
PESEdit Patch 4.4 Extract part 1 by right clicking and then Extract Here, then part 2 will automatically go terextract. (In this step, make sure the software is already installed Winrar)
If it is, its extract is also Datapack AIO also, do the same with the above process.
Next, copy all the files extract Datapack AIO to C: \ Program Data \ Konami \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 \ download. (If there is no program data folder, then you have to enable hidden folders in folder options advance in the Control Panel – Screenshot)
Install PESEdit Patch 4.4 by running the setup.exe that was extracted earlier.
Wait until the installation process as usual.
PESEdit 2014 Patch 4.4 New Features:

PES 2014 Data Pack 6:10: Includes the latest PES 2014 Data Pack the which comes with the Copa Libertadores in 2014 mode
World Cup squads: Announced latest 2014 World Cup squads, Including Brazil, England, Germany, Spain, USA
New kits: Barcelona, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Honduras, South Africa, Spain

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