Windows 10 Updates 2015


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In between different operating system the best one is Windows developed by largest software developing company Microsoft. Mostly used operating system across the world is Windows as every time it is launched with some new features and specifications. Everyone loves to use Windows operating system just because of new technology which is introduces in it every time. Using Windows is one of the easy and feasible things. Windows comprises of different versions which get modified and updated in every single launch of its versions. Various other operating systems are also present while the most preferable and best one among them is Windows. Windows have released its new version Windows 10 Pro Product Key which is somehow similar to the previous versions of Windows and that’s the reason due to which switching from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 is simple than anything.

  1. Continuum feature of Windows 10 Crack is helpful for those who have two in one device like table and desktop as it will allow you to work on both modes with same features. It will keep the layout of your Windows same for both of the devices. By the help of this feature you can also use same operating system on your Windows phone.
  2. The part of Windows 10 Activator is its newly designed start menu which is basically the combination of single column start menu of Windows 7 and live tiles of Windows 8. You can choose whether to keep combination of both start menus or use any one on your desktop. Resizing start menu is the new thing provided to users with which they can drag their start menu according to their wish.
  3. In order to have personal assistance Cortana which is search pane on your taskbar is the best option of Windows 10 Pro Key where you can simply check out all of the work you have done on your device. You can also set reminder which will remind you later from Microsoft Band to throw your trash out.
  4. There are two browsers Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge have been introduced in this Crack Windows 10. Internet Explorer is fully loaded with new features whereas Microsoft Edge will help you in writing notes directly on your webpage and helps you in sharing it with audience. You can also save all of the links you want to view later on.
  5. Multiple desktop features in Windows 10 Pro Activator will help you in working on four different tasks simultaneously as you can make partition of your single monitor screen into four different parts. Virtual desktop is another option which is available to help users in managing their data.
  6. The best thing about Windows 10 is its security as there are three security options have been introduces like face recognition, thumb scanning and voice recognition to provide you full time security from third party.
  7. Core applications like Mail, TV, Movie, Music, Photos, Calendar, OneDrive and Map are available in one single click.
  8. Command prompt of Windows 10 has been modified as there are shortcut keys available to perform task.