Whatsapp messenger $ 19 billion – WhatsApp,With monthly active user base of hundreds of millions, I wonder if Facebook ultimately to be willing to pay $ 19 billion or equivalent to Rp 250 trillion to acquire Whatsapp messenger. This makes Facebook a social media giant, where their services like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger has an active user base far exceeds the service products of its competitors.

Back to WhatsApp online; some of you may still wonder how this free chat app can be so enthused by hundreds of millions of users, since now there are so many other applications that features a more complete. Through an email interview with Wired, the founder of WhatsApp Free namely Jan Koum and Brian Acton eventually reveal some facts behind the applications they create.

One of the most interesting is the choice of two pieces of software development are relatively less known as a major platform of messaging service WhatsApp for pc. Brian Acton explained that he and his team of engineers WhatsApp use FreeBSD OS and programming language Erlang in the development of application WhatsApp free download. Acton considers both devices are qualified, and he and Jan Koum are already familiar in using FreeBSD since they work at Yahoo.

“FreeBSD has a composition network neat and very reliable. The decision to use them is a matter that is taken directly (without alternative). Problem election Erlang, we select them via the indirect. Server chat we were originally created using Erlang, and we were then able to increase the features in it as well as further developing our services while maintaining excellent uptime simultaneously.

“Every step that passed, Erlang proven resilient and reliable. If only we have a serious problem in the process, we may soon replace with other programming languages. Luckily it never happened …”

When asked about why they did not choose Linux, since the platform is more popular and also offers the advantage of open-source, Acton explained that Linux has a level of complexity that is extraordinary. On the other hand, FreeBSD has an advantage in terms of a single distribution that is supported by a set of ports that are very, very nice.

To read a detailed explanation of the background WhatsApp download free application development, just visit the page interview in Wired.