Official! Photo and Video Update Town Hall 11 Clash of Clans Latest


good news for the players Clash of Clans! After yesterday’s update Clash of Clans Halloween, recently Clash of Clans has officially announced that they will release a new level of Town Hall. The new level of Town Hall to be released is a Town Hall level 11 (TH 11).

Update Town Hall 11 COC

In the sneak peek video made by YouTube channel Attacks Clash of Clans. Supercell shows a few new buildings for the Town Hall 11 of them. It is shown among other things, the design of the new Town Hall 11, the new Tower Defense Hero and also the fruit that is still mysterious.

Town Hall 11

The color of the Town Hall 11 Town Hall is quite different from the previous. If the Town Hall 10 has a dominant color black and the effects of lava on the side of the building. 11 at Town Hall, the dominant color is white. Town Hall 11 building design also looks more sinister with the number of hot lava in the center of the building Town Hall 11.



Gold is not yet known how much it cost to make the Town Hall 11. In addition, no information is also how many hitpoints Town Hall 11 and how long it took the construction of Town Hall 11.

Defense Baru

When the Town Hall 11 is completed, each player can create a new Tower Defense building. At the Town Hall 11, seen a Tower Defense with a shape like a hawk. Supercell has not provided information about the exact name of this eagle Tower Defense.



In a video sneak peak Tower Defense Town Hall 11 in. Tower Defense hawk has attacked the most extensive range between Tower Defense other than the destruction of power is also quite large.
Until this article was made, there is no information Ttower Defense name, how long it will take to build, how much it cost to build them, the amount of damage made, and other information.

Hero Baru

There is nothing more mysterious than the emergence sneak peek Town Hall Town Hall 11. In 11, there is a new Hero that can be made. Differences with the previous Hero that can be made using dark elixir, Hero’s new Town Hall 11 can be made only at the cost of 6,000,000 elixir.


Until this article was made, there has been no information on the name of Hero Town Hall 11, form Hero, long regeneration time, the resulting damage, and other information.

Video Update Town Hall 11

That was information sneak peek Town Hall 11 Clash of Clans most of the supercell. If there is new information, we will definitely update as soon as possible.