IDM Optimizer 2015 Review IDM speed will boost up by Hit2k

IDM Optimizer Review

Internet Download Manager Optimizer Free Download is an application that allows you to use your Internet Download Manager without getting it register and it also helps is maximizing the performance of IDM. IDM is one of the best download managers available in internet world as compared to other download manager like DAP, Orbit, Microsoft Lightweight Download Manager and others. Along with idm optimizer the acceleration of downloading material will be faster than before.

IDM optimizer 2014 is basically a small .net tool with which your IDM speed will boost up by modifying the registry entries such as connection type, connection speed, maximum connection numbers and many other entries. IDM optimizer working is as simple as you need to click a Maximize Now button after which it shows you a popup to restart your IDM to work. IDM optimizer download also has a Restore Default button which helps you to restore the settings of IDM and you can also use it when the speed you are getting while downloading something is not good. In short download IDM optimizer to change your registry by customizing the default settings of your IDM.


Following are the basic features of IDM optimizer Hit2k:

The best thing about this application is it provides the best and optimal performance while downloading your files and folder either movies, videos or songs.

IDM optimizer Crack has a simple, clean and easy to use interface which has only three buttons to work with. Among them one is to access your proxy settings while with other one you can simply optimize the process along with the third one which is used to restore the default settings of your application i-e; IDM. So you can say that it is a lightweight application and you can use it with ease.

Your IDM will modify the default connection type to Other and result in the increase of your connection speed where the maximum number of connection will not be modified by the IDM optimizer in Pakistan thus helps you in boosting up the speed of your downloads. Once you have started an optimization process your application will take few seconds to end up with the operation and notify you about the success of it in just no time.

You have an option to change the settings, configuration and performance of your IDM at any time. If you are feeling unsatisfied with any of these things then you can click the button Default to change these settings anytime.

IDM optimizer in India supports SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols thus provide you a secure downloading process. It also support proxy connections with which you are able to configure your proxy server address and port anytime you want.

It is the best tool which helps you with enhancing the speed of your downloads by simply modifying your settings. Even it allows you to download as large files as you want in just no time. It doesn’t need any effort from you instead it provides a quickly accommodate by increasing your downloading speed in a blink of an eye.

Working of IDM optimizer2014:

  • Following steps should be follow while working with IDM Optimizer:
  • First of all download IDM optimizer and install it. But keep it in mind before installing it you should have .net and IDM already installed to your device.
  • Now just run your IDM Optimizer after getting it installed. It will show you a popup to restart your IDM. So do it.
  • And now your IDM is boosted with speed if you want you can try it by downloading anything.
  • If anytime you want to restore your default setting you can do it by clicking Restore Default.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Before downloading your IDM Optimizer you should have following programs installed on your computer:
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework
  3. Internet Download Manager

Something for free, you get a lot of this software. It is definitely worth your time to check it out. Just a heads up, this program is only for Windows users. What are you waiting for? Start a IDM optimizer 2015 download today!