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The most important thing to operate computerized machines in this era is operating system. There are various kinds of operating systems available these days but the best one which latest and most famous these days is Windows 10 Pro Product Key. Microsoft has published its new and latest version of operating system named as Windows 10 which is fully loaded with new and advanced features. Windows 10 is ruling the world in very short time period and it is just because Windows 10 is full with new technology which can make you work more easily than ever. There are many features which have been updated whereas mostly are new and latest which are easy to understand and smooth to work with. The best part of Windows 10 is that you can even download it in your devices just by updating your Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10.

It consist of metro style user interface which basically includes both types of start menus like single column of Windows 7 and live tiles of Windows 8 along with the feature that you can use both simultaneously or switch to any one which is easy for you to use. By dragging the corner of your start menu you can stretch it according to your will to enlarge it or even make it small.

Two powerful browsers Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge have been added to this Windows 10 Crack. This time Internet Explorer is loaded with lots and lots of new features whereas Microsoft Edge will help you in writing your notes directly on any webpage you want while you have power to share it with audience you want. You can also save all of your links to read or view later.

You will find a new search pane on your taskbar which is named as Cortana. The main purpose of Cortana in Windows 10 Activator is to keep an eye on all of your activities you have performed on your device. By using your Cortana you can put reminder on your device so that you will get notify from Microsoft Band whenever you have to clean your rubbish.

Good news for game lovers that they can now use Xbox Streaming option of their Windows 10 Pro Key to save two hours of playing on their hard drive.

Security provided to people using Crack Windows 10 high powered this time as it includes new options like voice recognition, thumb scanning and face recognition which can save all of your data in full time security.

Main applications including OneDrive, Mail, Music, TV, Movies, Calendar, Map and Photos have been added to Windows 10 which can make your access to different data much easier than ever.

Command prompt has been changed as now it includes different shortcut keys which can help you in performing work faster than ever.

By using multiple desktop options in Windows 10 Pro Activator you can work on four different stuffs on four different screens while you have opportunity to create your own virtual desktop where you can save your different stuff.