Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6 Review

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6 Review Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6 Keygen is an application used for graphic designing by the help of which you can create several creative, innovative and professional media designs like layout, print media, photo edit, trace, web graphics and many others. Corel Draw X6 Activation Code comprises of a complete package to resolve your graphic designing problems with its different software. You can also modify your existing documents by the help of unique and powerful designs and tools installed in the package. Corel Draw X6 Crack also allows you to import and export your content easily. It has now come up with many new and enhanced features. With Corel Draw X6 Serial Number you can easily design different templates and many other learning materials. Users of this package found it the best thing for designing because of its outstanding features and advanced tools installed in this package.

Programs included in Corel Draw X6 Activation Code in United States:

  • As it is a suite which has so many apps installed in it for various functions and named as follows:
  • Corel Draw Graphic Suite X6 Split is used to design page layout and vector models.
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 is a professional and expert level image editing application.
  • Corel Energy KNOW X6 adds appropriate bitmap to the vector while tracing a device.
  • Corel Site Founder X6 simply helps you to design websites.
  • Corel CATCH X6 is an uncomplicated one click monitor size tool.
  • Corel JOIN X6 work as quick content material finder of the bird.
  • Photography Zoom Seasoned 3 is a plug-in for PHOTO-PAINT which helps to enhance the digital graphics.
  • Strategy Share is an interactive on net effort device.


Following are the basic features of Corel Draw X6 Activation Code in Pakistan:

  1. This suite supports 64-bit processor to work faster even with the large files and images.
  2. By using Corel Draw X6 Activation Code in India you are able to export, import, and print multiple documents. Even you can easily copy and paste the large objects without any hassle or delay because of the latest multicore processor.
  3. With all new Object Styles you can create outline, character, paragraph styles and fill.
  4. Colour Styles will help you to add new colours or implement the colour changes throughout your work which is now much easier than ever.
  5. Corel Draw X6 Activation Code in Bangladesh supports Colour Harmony with which you are capable of producing different designs with varying colour schemes easily and quickly.
  6. You can create dynamic website with customizable and interactive web designing.
  7. Corel Draw X6 Activation Code in Indonesia allows you to work as a web developer and design various kinds of cartoon, websites, drawings, page formats and many other creative and innovative things.
  8. This application has various built-in programs in it which are easy to use and understand and helps you to improve your designing skills.
  9. By using this application you are able to create different models.
  10. This application helps to make perfect sketches that were just a dream before.
  11. By using Corel Draw X6 Keygen you can easily create and edit different front pages or landing pages of novels, books, websites, software and many other things.
  12. It has Open Type text engine which is rich in all styles of fonts. It has best features like fractions, ordinals, swashes, contextual & stylistic alternates, ligatures, small caps, ornaments and many others.
  13. You can also add page numbers whether alphabetic, numeric or roman simply on all of the pages of the document you creating by the help of Insert Page Number command.
  14. With new Freehand Pick tool helps by making a marquee around the objects or shapes that you want to select which saves your time and gain control.
  15. Object Properties option helps to fine-tune designs even faster than before.
  16. It has new shape tools smear, twirl, attract and repel which provide new creative options to refine the vector shapes.
  17. It has plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop.
  18. You can also generate mock-ups of design ideas by the help of new Interactive Frames added in the application.
  19. New Complex Script support provides a proper typesetting for glyphs used in Asian and Middle Easter Languages.
  20. It has simple drag and drop option with the help of which you can place text, images and other elements to your website design.