Connectify hotspot 2016 Review


Connectify hotspot 2016

Hotspot is the only things which work for you as physical location but somehow provides internet connection in the shape of wireless to all of your devices. You can simply set up your system to make it work like hotspot for your different devices. You only need an application to create your own hotspot. The best application these days which can help you in creating your own hotspot is Connectify Hotspot Crack. By installing your Connectify Hotspot 2015 in your system you can make it work as primary router or you can say repeater for you office and home. You can simply extend your internet access with this application. Connectify Hotspot is one of the most amazing and helpful application available in market with lots of new features.

  1. You have to connect Crack Connectify Hotspot to your home network which then asks you to put your Wi-Fi name and password in it while after giving all of your details you need to click “Start Hotspot”. By doing this all of your devices will get connected to internet automatically.
  2. More devices as well as more applications such as YesGo 4G USB modem, Cisco Any Connect VPN, Vodafone Huawei USB and many others can simply get connected to Connectify Hotspot 2015.
  3. All it do is getting connected with computer’s network card which basically makes automatic configuration which start working as hotspot and provide you with network name and password.
  4. You can use this application to simply share all of your files and folders easily to all those who are using your connection.
  5. Connectify Hotspot key work as virtual router which provides you with real Wi-Fi hotspot and allows other devices to get connected with it.
  6. User interface of this application is simple and easy to deal with whereas it is filled with driver improved capability while it helps in solving all of the problems which caused by drivers cleaning the patch and infecting your system.
  7. Connectify Hotspot Crack will help you in turning on your wired connection into Wi-Fi in just one click. You have permission to use your internet connection as Wi-Fi. You can also have permission to share your 3G or 4G LTE networks.
  8. All of the errors and defects of previous versions of Connectify Hotspot Crack have been removed while previous versions only work on wired connections but this version is best for Wi-Fi connections too.
  9. Fragmented packet handling issues which were experienced in previous versions such as Spotflux VPN on iOS have been improved and corrected this time so that you can share iOS devices with latest versions too.
  10. You can simply provide your client with static IP address in order to make it sure that they will get same IP address while connecting on your virtual router.
  11. Connectify 2015 has Always resume option which can help your Wi-Fi hotspot to run automatically when your system gets started.
  12. You can keep an ey on all of the devices which are connected to your hotspot.