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Bitcoin Goes Beyond $6,000 for First Time Breaking Records

Bitcoin Goes Beyond $6,000 for First Time Breaking Records

Profit and loss it part of every business but recently Bitcoin rises $6,000 mark but by keeping silence last Saturday. Basically it reaches the amount of $6,103.9. This all happen before sell off of digital cryptocurrency.

Therefore $5,000 is bigger number for Bitcoin to make. It is also a kind of significant round number. You can also find it on the number where investors can start selling. Even with the drop most of the investors were quite positive about their future expansion. And somehow they should be, as Bitcoin also traded almost $1,000 in January.


They were afraid about currency crash in un-repairable level. The major cause behind fear was civil war and consequent hard branches. Most of the investors of Bitcoin expect that it can help them exceed real money (fiat currencies), stock markets and cryptocurrencies. They also think that it can reach $10,000 to $20,000 value in future.

Graphic Cards:

Most of the news sites also reported that some cryptocurrency investors are hiring 747 jets. Their major purpose was to import graphic cards. Ethereum miners are increasing the processing power by paying some more money to their mining function. Other reports also states that they are also hiring Boeing 747 to import AMD graphic cards. They also want to get high amount profit in their cryptocurrency as fast as possible.

Summary of Others:

After Bitcoin reach the highest amount first time ever, other crypto currencies are moving in its shadow now. Basically most of the long term investors are still thinking positive to take their investments on high level. However on Monday Ethereum were 20% down from $391 and $312 on Friday. Although Litcoin also traded 23% down.

Bitcoin Goes Beyond $6,000 for First Time Breaking Records