Sandboxie 5.20 Crack Full Version Download

Sandboxie 5 Crack Full Version

Sandboxie You can run your programs in separate space with it. In addition it can also help you avoid any kinds of changes in your system. You don’t need to modify or change your local drive to run programs with it. It can also work as an alternative to the antivirus programs. This application can help you use your system freely without any problem. You can also try some new applications with it. It comprises of clean and simple user interface. You can now add extra security to your system with it.

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Sandboxie Features:


This application can help you add extra security to your web browser. It can also help you in blocking ransomeware, viruses, malicious software and other threats. You can use it to protect your system for long time. You can also use any IP address anonymously.

Email Security:

  • This application can also help you in adding email security. You can run any email program in it. It can save you from phishing attacks and suspicious attachments.

Protect Data:

  • This application can also restrict programs and websites. It prevents them from accessing your important data.

Testing different applications:

  • You can also use it to test different applications. You can also try new programs in it. You don’t need to change anything in your system for it.


  • This application also helps you in cleaning the junk. You can simple wipe out the content securely with it.

Different options:

This application can also help you analyze registry or file effects. You can also access different files with it. It can also help you write the registry. You can also customize your application. It also allows you to combine some changes. You can also run system clock in it. It provides extra security to your system.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

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