GTA 3 Free Download For Pc ( Highly Compressed )

( Highly Compressed ) GTA 3 Free Download

Basically it is third installment of GTA series. It revolves around a criminal person. However his girlfriend betray him. GTA 3 Free Download player can play the leading role of the game. You can also enjoy playing this game in 3D. You can find yourself playing in fictional Liberty city.

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  • You can now earn money by doing crimes. In addition a player can snatch cars, destroy buildings and kill people.
  • It comprises of sideline as well as story mission. You can also move to the unlocked areas easily.
  • You can also drive cars whereas you can roam around the city. A player can go to park, shopping malls and clubs.
  • Hence it comprises of so many vehicles like bus, cars, trucks and others.
  • It also includes different kinds of weapons like sniper riffle, shotgun, knife, riffle and others.
  • You can also find police and health bar. A player can also get a map for help.
GTA 3 Free Download For Pc ( Highly Compressed )