WordFence 6.1.10 WordPress security Plugin Premium License

WordPress security Plugin WordFence

You can add extra security to your website with it. However it can fully protect your website. It comprises of Threat Defense Feed option. Additionally it includes malicious IP, malware signature and firewall to keep you safe. It can also detect new threats. It comprises of wide wordfence forensic lab.


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Sales : https://www.word-fence.com

Important Features WordFence:

  • It comprises of malware scanner. It also comprises of other tools to provide you security.
  • It can keep your browser safe from slowing down. While it can fail all the virus attacks.
  • It also comprises of web firewall to build a defense wall on your site.
  • It includes Threat Defense Feed. It can keep you safe from all of the malicious codes.
  • It can also stop all of the brute force actions. It can lock the user after making lots of login attempts.
  • It can also lock user who use forget password form several times.
  • You can also use country block option to lock specific geographic location.
  • You can also use manual blocking option. You can block specific traffic on your site.

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