Snax 1.1 Viral Front-End Uploader Plugin For WordPress

Snax WordPress Plugin

You can use it to grow your Snax viral content. Additionally it can boost your website traffic. You users can share viral content for you. You can create your own viral stories. Furthermore you can add images, embed and texts to it. It also comprises of open lists. It includes Galleries, Open Lists, Embeds and Images.

Snax 1.1 Viral Front-End Uploader Plugin For WordPress

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Sales Site :’nax-viral-frontend-uploader/16540363

Important Features Snax

  • It can work with all of your themes.
  • You can combine it with BuddyPress.
  • You can also work with social media with it. It includes more than 20+ social media options.
  • You can login with your social account.
  • You can add new list.
  • It includes mobile friendly feature.
  • It also comprises of translation option.
  • You can update your themes.
  • It can also help you build more traffic.
  • You can allow your user to share your content.
  • You can get custom notifications.
  • You can also customize your settings.
  • It is simple and easy to use plug-in.
  • It includes more than 200+ filters.

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