Affiliate Pro 1.7 Affiliate Management System Extended License

Affiliate Pro 1.7 Extended License

Certainly Affiliate Pro 1.7 Extended License is powerful PHP affiliate management system. You can also add it to your new or existing website. You can use it to sell your products by help of affiliates. They can also bring traffic to your site and you can reward them with commission. It’s working is simple as after visiting your website through affiliate URL. Not only your product sell and traffic will increase but also your affiliate will get commission. The URL will provide you with affiliate who is sending traffic to you.

Affiliate Pro 1.7 Affiliate Management System Extended License

Saler Site  :

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Important Features:

  • It comprises of new dashboard where you can view more charts, and statistics.
  • It also includes product page.
  • It includes new installer where you just need to upload files and run it.
  • It can now support videos, links and other media files with updated marketing materials.
  • It also includes device type, OS and country option to referral traffic.
  • It comprises of large database thus improve the referral traffic page loading.

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