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Web Freer

Latest application you can download for web searching is Web Freer which can enhance your PC permeability. By the help of this application you can enhance working as well as ability of your system. This application can help you in keeping control of history, increments and sharing all kinds of web working components. It is one of the secure internet browsers available which you can use for different works. You can get full time online privacy for all kinds of important data. It will protect your personal identity and you can use it to access any website you want. It can help you in surfing and browsing all kinds of sites easily. It includes HTTPS connection which can keep all of your data and your system secure. You can also use this browser to open all kinds of blocked sites. You don’t need any manual setup to on your HTTPS.


Important Features:

  • By the help of this browser you can enjoy secure browsing.
  • It provides you with full time online security where all of your data is safe.
  • It can secure you from personal identity theft.
  • You can use this browser to access any website anytime.
  • You don’t need to apply any manual setting as it will automatically enable HTTPS.
  • You can visit all of the blocked sites by the help of this browser.
  • It is one of the speedy browser available and an open source project.
  • You can also open social networking sites like YouTube, FaceBook and many others.
  • Graphical user interface of this browser is quite friendly.
  • It comprises of powerful engine so that it can work faster than any other browser.
  • You can use this browser without any tension as it will protect your data.
  • It is basically a Chromium like browser where you can find HTTPS on everytime.

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