How to add vBulletin-style Community Forum in WordPress

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 vBulletin-style Community Forum in WordPress


How to add vBulletin-style Community Forum in WordPress

vBulletin-style Community Forum The best thing you can use to ask question from different communities of people so that they can answer those question in order to help each other is to add VBulletin Style Community Forum to your WordPress. There are all kinds of features added to VBulletin which is the need of any kind of forum site whereas it is coded and designed in PHP.

As VBulletin forum PHP script is hard to find free of cost so many people around the world choose to look for alternative forum script as they can’t afford to pay for it. If you are having the same trouble then you don’t need to as here you will find one of the best Plug-in for your WordPress which can work as alternative forum script. If you need to add forum to your blog then you are reading the right article as here you will find some simple steps to add it.

Method to add VBulletin Style Community Forum to your WordPress:
In order to add VBulletin Style Community Forum to your WordPress you must use Asgaros Forum WordPress Plug-in as it can enhance and beautifies the functionality of your WordPress Blog. It can add a lightweight forum or you can say discussion board to your WordPress Blog.

Simple thing you can do is installing as well as activate Asgaros Forum Plug-in in your blog so that a forum section just like VBulletin will be added to it. It doesn’t require any kind of skills of web languages as it is easy to work with by setting it up and manage as well as integrate amazingly with your WordPress. There are some simple and frequent features added to it.


Important Features:

  • There are different actions you can perform like topic or post management which includes move, sticky, close, remove or edit.
  • It includes different kinds of moderators.
  • You can also find permissions.
  • It comprises of powerful and amazing editor.
  • It provides with feature of uploading your files.
  • It includes recent forum post widgets.
  • Colour customization is easy to do.
  • It is also compatible with mobile devices.
  • It support multiple languages.

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