Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection v1.1.6.3 Latest is Here

Mozilla Firefox Collection
Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

Mozilla Firefox Collection

The program – a large collection of different versions of the Mozilla FireFox Browser, where you can install a version and the newest, and you will be able to enjoy all the versions in parallel, which is perfect for web designers, download Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection you can with our project the full news.


If you’re a developer sites, it is quite convenient to watch will look like your work in different versions of the browser, though I think no one uses the old version of the famous browser, but nevertheless if this happens, I think you will appreciate the idea. Before the installation can Mark the version of the web browser that you are interested in for testing. Very convenient that everything is working independently, it is not necessary to put on top of the old version.

In general, add about Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection is nothing, I think, and so it is clear that before you pack different versions of browsers. Russian support, they do not have, but that’s okay, I think, as to see how the site can be displayed, and not knowing the English language, and in general, all as always, I hope useful development.


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