Tactile Wars V1.5.2 + Mod APK Cracked Latest is Here

Tactile Wars V1.5.2 + Mod APK Cracked
Tactile Wars V1.5.2 + Mod APK Cracked

Tactile Wars

Tactile wars – the War of the touch the new game and extremely beautiful in style game of strategic gaming ‘s studio ankama games that is for the operating system of Android and his-the presented. Today the request to users introduction of Android version of this beautiful game that until today a hundred thousand times by Android users all over the world receive and is able to win good 4. 4 5. 0 The.

In this game you manage powerful military soldiers of the small the sedentary is that with the gun and shot color armed! The aim is clear in the realm of other users all over the world and attack it to you! The Color of the interested for their AFC select the color of other attack date to the destroyed! You you will be able to the caption different goal in the war use and also hiking system, mine, tanks, John, hired the soldier, suicidal acts as well as Al-Qaeda’s system for the army, power upgrade and unite with the other players can you Robert Baan takes over! If you follow a strategic game with beautiful environment and you are different under any circumstances tactile game wars do not.


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Some of the features Tactile Wars strategy game for Android:

  • Your fingers weapon to destroy enemies of various tactics such as linear, circular and rectangular approaching and destroying the enemy defense line.
  • Leading a large army: the destruction of thousands of the enemy army that is unstoppable
  • Build your own database: Maine, tanks and turret of the enemy at their base so they do not
  • Hire mercenaries and legendary: professional soldiers hired to control your army and the battles are key to your success
  • Find reputation in the world: in their war to win and to get first place in the world
  • Promoting Soldiers: Take your war and your soldiers will upgrade and new technologies for them
  • Can be united with other users all over the world: Unite with other people and their wars have.

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