How to Get PayPal Account Verified in Pakistan with Euro Payoneer Card

Getting your Paypal Account verified with Euro Payoneer Card in Pakistan

PayPal Account Verified in Pakistan

PayPal Account Verified in Pakistan

In order to get your Paypal account verified you need to read this informative article thoroughly. There are several people who are worried about verifying their Paypal account in Pakistan so following is the method you can apply in order to verify your Paypal account.


Verified Paypal Account by the help of Euro Payoneer Card:

if you are having trouble and don’t have any Payoneer Card then you must order the one which will also reward you with bonus balance of 25$ whereas if you already have one then all you need is to order your Euro Payoneer card by contacting Payoneer live support anytime. Within seconds they will proceed your request of Euro Payoneer card while you only need to wait for the home delivery which can take at least 20 to 25 days or you can say one or two weeks.


  1. Steps for signup of Paypal Account by the help of your Euro Payoneer Card:
  2. After getting your Euro Payoneer can you need to follow steps mentioned below:
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  4. Click Here To signup of Paypal Accounts
  5. Now select Germany as country.
  • Fill other fields with your information like name, email address, password and etc.
  • After selecting continue, you need to enter your first and last name which you also used on your Payoneer card.
    Move to Random Name and address generator.
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  • Now you can generate a fake name as well as address from Germany.
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  • Now you need to fill your Signup form of Paypal further.
  • The form will take you to the page where you need to enter your Bank details or you can say you need to link your bank.
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  • After that you will be asked to provide a valid date of birth as well as Euro Payoneer details like your bank account and account number.
  • afdsf5ds-Hit2kNow login to your Payoneer account in order to choose the card.
  • In order to find out Euro Payment Service you need to move to menu and then EU Payment Service.
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  • After scrolling it down you will be provided with bank code as well as account number which you can add to your Paypal accounts.
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  • Finally there will be two deposits which will be made through your Paypal in your Payoneer account just for verification and then you are done.

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