Method to Verify the Postal Address in Skrill in order to add Payoneer

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 How to Fund Payoneer Card using Skrill (MoneyBookers)


Method to Verify the Postal Address in Skrill in order to add (Bank of America) Payoneer MoneyBookers

The best thing about Payoneer is its Prepaid Card while it is difficult for everyone to deposit it in the beginning. You don’t have power to deposit money from your local bank to your Payoneer whereas you need to find out an alternative in order to make it work. It provides you with a kind of payment request form by the help of which you can simply ask different card holders to deposit or fund your card so that you can pay from it in a local way.
As many people across the world are trying to add Bank of America account to their Skrill they get an error message which says “Please Complete Postal Address Verification before Adding a United States of America Bank Account.” Due to this message many people are confused and afraid. All this issue creates just because you people are adding your United States Bank account to your Skrill without verifying your residential postal address while signing up with your Skrill account.

Postal Address Verification Steps:

In order to eliminate the error while signing up you need to provide all kinds of required documents to your Skrill account. Following are the basic thing which you need:

First you need to create a new Skrill account if you don’t have any.
Then you need Bank Statement or other kind of utility bill along with your valid name and address mentioned on it.
And copy of your CNIC front as well as back.
Now if you have any kind of confusion regarding submitting these documents then you can fill out the form and upload them.


And then it will verify your postal address so that you can simply add your Bank of America to your Skrill account.

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