8 Features of Google Chrome which you don’t know

8 Features of Google Chrome which you don’t know


Google Chrome which you don’t know

Features of Google Chrome Main purpose of browser is to connect you with different WebPages of your choice. They work like a bridge which make a communication between users and different websites so they are also known as user agent. There are numerous internet browsers available which have different amazing features but among all Google Chrome is one of the most famous browsers which comprises of powerful and amazing features. There are many features of Chrome about which many people don’t know. If you don’t know about them then this article will help you out as following are some of its features:

Google Chrome Notepad in New Tab:

8 Features of Google Chrome which you don’t know

Now you don’t need to open up notepad separately as you can write data:text/html, <html contenteditable> in the address bar of your browser and thus you can see a Notepad in your new tab. It can help you in performing different formatting operations quickly. You can also get Notepad by installing different extensions but by this way it is frequent and easy to use.

Google Chrome Direct E-mail composition from Omnibar:

You can now directly compose all of your important E-mails for which you need to move to “Settings” and select “Manage Search Engine”. Now you need to add a new search with name “E-mail Compose” where you need to add e as keyword and should use mailto:?subject=%s query in the third box and at the end save it. You need to open up new tab now where you should type e+Spacebar and an E-mail editor will be on your screen where all you have to do is add subject and press enter.

Close Tab Re-launch:

If you have mistakenly closed a tab that you were already using then you can simply Ctrl+Shift+T and it will re-launch your closed tab.

Image search option in Google:

If you have seen an image which you need to download but can’t due to some problems like size or any other then you can use Search Google for this Image option. By the help of this amazing option you can search your required image from Google just like you type text and Google finds it out.

Built-in Task Manager of Chrome:

If there are so many tabs open on your Google Chrome and they causing browser freeze due to the load at the backhand then you can simply check them and end them by the help of Built-in Task Manager of your Google Chrome by simply pressing Ctrl+ESC which will then open up a pop-up window of task manager by the help of which you can check details of all of your tabs and check the memory they are consuming whereas you can also end them.

Option to Save your Files as PDF:

If you want to save any of your file as PDF by using your Google Chrome then you can simple press Ctrl+P so that your required file will be saved as PDF. Afterward same file can be used to print document.

Pinning a Tab:

If you want to use the recent tab or even page for long time period then you can simply pin it. After performing such operation your pinned tab will move to the left side in favicon size. You can right click your tab and select Pin a Tab whereas in order to unpin it you need to right click it again and choose Unpin Tab. By the help of this thing you can work with more than 20 tabs at a time.

Frequent Access to Website/Page:

You can now quickly and frequently get access to your favourite website or page as well as there are different options you can select to get quick access to any of your favourite page or website. You need to search the page or website you want add to favourite then click Wrench and move to More Tools where you need to select Create Application. There will be a new option which appears so that by the help of this you can create a page desktop icon or can add it to the start menu or you can also pin it in the taskbar.

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