Google Adsense high paying Keywords in 2016

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Google Adsense

Google Adsense high paying Keywords in 2016

The best and top advertising platform available across the internet is Google Adsense by the help of which all of the publishers as well as webmasters can add different kinds of Google Adsense ads to their websites and can get paid through it. If you have a little bit knowledge about Adsense ads publishing then you must know about CPC or Cost Per Click. There are so many website developers or publishers who want to increase their earning just by the help of clicking technique. Many people are facing problems as they get good CTR or Click Through Rate but getting low CPC which simply means they are getting low estimated earnings from Adsense.

For instance if a person is getting 20 clicks per day due to which his earning from Adsense is 1.6$ then it’s not a good thing to deal with as CPC on single click is 0.08$ whereas you can earn 1.6$ on 20 clicks. There are some secrets shared below by the help of which you can increase your earning.

High Paying CPC Keywords for Google Adsense:

Below is the list of some high paying CPC keywords that you can also use on your website to increase your Adsense earnings:

  • How to donate a car in California, donate car California, donating a car to charity in California (105$)
  • Online summer college courses, college course online, online college course (78$)
  • Criminal lawyer Miami, Miami dui lawyer, Miami criminal lawyer (70$)
  • Car donation tax benefit, donating car tax benefit, donating a car tax benefit (59$)
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting, dedicated hosting (53$)
  • Auto insurance companies, car insurance companies, insurance companies (52$)
  • Automobile shipping quotes, automobile insurance quotes, automobile insurance quote (50$)
  • Electronic health records, personal health record, health records (40$)
  • Trading stocks online, online stock trading (35$)
  • Forex trading platform, best Forex trading platform, Forex trading platforms (20$)

These CPC keywords are quite helpful in increasing your Adsense earning in just few simple clicks.

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