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Dr.Web Security Space
Dr.Web Security Space

Dr.Web Security Space

Antivirus Dr.Web Security Space is a comprehensive solution to protect against all types of Internet threats (including viruses, spam, “phishing” messages, infected web pages, etc.).


This program can work in online mode, with the possibility of its installation on an already infected PC. In addition, the infected files are not deleted forever with the content, and you are restoring an infected file to its original appearance.


The technology of the blocking of all types of threats, including unknown. You can check inbound / outbound http-traffic directly in real time. Dr. Web Security Space also contains anti-virus components, detection of unauthorized entries into the app, spyware protection system against spam and malicious websites recognition module. Program monitored the entire flow of web traffic in the current time, which helps prevent the introduction of unwanted objects from the Internet. the possibility of parental control is also provided.


The main features of the program include: – the presence of self-protection components (Dr.Web SelfProtect), are resistant immune from all kinds of virus attacks. This security module is fully self-sufficient. – The ability to install anti-virus directly on the infected PC, without prior treatment, the implementation of audit archives at any level of investment. The program uses a unique universal decompression technology Fly-Code, allowing even unpack the files are packed program unknown packer. As quickly as possible to exercise effective checks RAM, boot sectors, hard drives and removable media. – E-mail virus protection through the implementation of checks on the protocols that do not interfere with the mail client being used, protecting email messages from mass mailings. We are constantly checking incoming / outgoing mail in real-time. – The presence of behavioral analyzer technology, providing effective protection against new unknown threats. – Display only secure sites when using search engines. – Ensuring the protection of communication in popular instant messaging services.


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Dr. Web Security Space is a highly complex, as an obstacle to the introduction of dangerous objects, as well as being a means of treatment of infected files. In addition, advanced technologies allow to recognize all existing types of computer security threats with minimum of false positives.

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