Clash Royale v1.3.2 Mod APK Cracked Latest is Here

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Clash Royale v1.3.2 Mod APK Cracked

Clash Royale v1.3.2 Mod APK Cracked

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is another amazing game from same company who has developed Clash of Clans which includes all of your favourite characters. In this amazing game you can collect as well as upgrade many stuffs of your game like defences, spells, troops, baby dragons, knights, princes and much other. You can beat the princesses as well as kings from their towers and defeat them easily in order to win glory, crowns and trophies. You can also build your own community for battles by sharing cards and creating clans.

This game is free for all to download and install whereas most of the items of this game can be purchased.



Clash Royale Important Features:

  • Dual players can play across the world and take trophies in reality.
  • You can earn chests which can help you in unlocking different rewards, upgrading and collecting all of your powerful cards.
  • You will get power to destroy your opponent tower in order to win crown so that you can also earn crown chests easily.
  • You can also upgrade as well as build your card collection and enhance other things like spells, defences and troops.
  • Battle deck can be created for you to defeat your enemy.
  • You can progress to the top of the level.
  • You can also create your own battle community.
  • By the help of private dual feature you can now challenge all of your friends as well as clanmates.
  • You can also learn different battle techniques and tactics.

Clash Royale New Stuff:

There are following six new cards that you will get:

  • Common Card: Fire Spirit
  • Legendary Card: Sparky, Miner, Lava Hound
  • Epic Card: Guards
  • Rare Card: Furnace
  • You can win the following rewards:
  • Crown Chest: maximum two times.
  • Gold: full chest slots and your winning will help you in earning gold.
  • You have power to watch TV Royale Battles as well as all the friendly battles.
  • Even you can charge your cards.
  • You can also earn unlimited coins.

Installation Procedure:

  • You can download the archive.
  • Now extract it so that you will get all of the hack application along with instructions to install it.

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