Sublime Text 3 Full Version [ Free ]

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Sublime Text 3
Sublime Text 3 Full Version [ Free ]

Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 Full Version is software that works to write computer programming codes such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C ++, and others. Software coding is widely used by programmers because its use is quite simple and it looks interesting. To further simplify coding work, Sublime Text 3 Full Version also provide a wide range of plugins that most licensed free. You are a programmer? Wear this software dong though more kece, hehe.


Download: Links

How to Install:

  • Download Sublime Text 3 (according to your Windows system) via the link above
  • Extract the file you have downloaded earlier with WinRAR
  • Run the installer Sublime Text 3, then install as usual
  • If completed, run Sublime Text 3
  • Click Help> Enter License
  • Enter the following series:

Single User License
C154C122 4EFA4415 F1AAEBCC 315F3A7D
2580735A 7955AA57 850ABD88 72A1DDD8
8D2CE060 CF980C29 890D74F2 53131895
281E324E 98EA1FEF 7FF69A12 17CA7784
490862AF 833E133D FD22141D D8C89B94
4C10A4D2 24693D70 AE37C18F 72EF0BE5
1ED60704 651BC71F 16CA1B77 496A0B19
463EDFF9 6BEB1861 CA5BAD96 89D0118E

What’s new? (Build 3103, Release Date: 9 February 2016)

  1. See also the Blog Post
  2. Added new Syntax Definition file format, .sublime-syntax
  3. Added a custom regex engine that matches multiple regexps in parallel, for faster file loading and indexing
  4. Improved Unicode support, Including combining character rendering, character classification in regex searches, and case insensitivity in Goto Anything matching
  5. Packages are now on GitHub
  6. Provided community Incorporates many improvements to the above packages, with significant improvements to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Go, D and SQL
  7. Switcher Panel added to the status bar
  8. Better handling of troublesome files during indexing
  9. Improved file change detection
  10. Added “Profile Events” to the Command Palette, to help identify slow plugins
  11. Build Systems may now define a list of file name wildcard patterns to trigger on, via the file_patterns key
  12. prompt_open_file and related commands now accept an argument initial_directory
  13. Improved behavior when indent_to_bracket indenting is enabled
  14. Spell Checker now reads from user preferences manually edited on the fly
  15. Stability improvements for Find in Files when using regular expressions that result in significant backtracking
  16. Fixed file truncation when using hexadecimal encoding
  17. Fixed brackets in strings Influencing auto indent
  18. Fixed inconsistencies in Goto Anything when selecting symbols
  19. Fixed regression tab completion in 3081, where h1..h6 HTML completions were not triggering
  20. Fixed Goto Definition command not working when placed in a submenu
  21. OSX: Fixed Emoji & Symbols popup failing to insert text in some cases
  22. Windows: Added support for inserting characters from outside of the BMP
  23. Windows: ctrl + alt + p is no longer bound by default, due to compatibility issues with some keyboard layouts
  24. Windows: Updated code signing certificate to no longer use SHA1
  25. Linux: Fixed a file permissions issue when running without -wait
  26. Linux: crash_reporter is statically linked, improving system compatibility
  27. API: Added Window.is_sidebar_visible () and Window.set_sidebar_visible ()
  28. API: Added View.is_auto_complete_visible ()
  29. API: Added find_output_panel (), destroy_output_panel (), active_panel () and panels ()
  30. API: Added create_output_panel () now accepts an optional parameter, “unlisted”

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