Paradise Island v4.0.1APk Cracked Latest is Here

Paradise Island v4.0.1APk Cracked
Paradise Island v4.0.1APk Cracked

Paradise Island – Paradise Island is the most popular and Addictive strategic games Android is for lovers of the sea and the beach is designed and where you have Hit2k to build the island for your business and get your way and help you become rich and finally tourists attracted to the island! You can create many different places such as entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants and disco extend their empire and their island to convert the existing Empire is the best! The most important feature that makes this game is widespread participation with other users and global competition that has led up to this moment more than 50 million PlayStation player from Google.


Download: Paradise-Island v4.0.1APk (24 MB)

Some of the features of Android strategy game Paradise Island:

  • * Having great graphics compared to its low volume
  • * Addictive gameplay and interesting
  • * Having more than 130 awards and achievements
  • * The availability of facilities, equipment, decorations and plants
  • * Share points and Equipment with your friends
  • * Living in your island when the game is closed
Paradise Island game on Android market now has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 is the latest version of Ann that we already released as the first Iranian website you’ve put that you can use to view images of it and download the latest version of the Hit2k to continue reading and see!

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