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The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead 2 Free Download The house of the dead 2 is one of the most popular, best and amazing horror or survival game available in market which is developed by Wow Entertainment and published by Sega whereas you need to save your friend from monsters in this game. Storyline of this game is simple and amazing where you will also see small clips.


This game is full of action and shooting where you will enjoy each and every moment of playing it. All you need to do in this game is set your aim and fire. There are so many difficult and challenging levels included in this game so that all you need to do is get specific bonus or points from each level to upgrade or buy your new weapon. Every evil monster has some weak point so you need to find it and destroy them.


You will love to play this game as it is full of surprise at every moment so that you don’t know what happen next. The house is so big and interesting too so you can go anywhere you want. Along with zombies many other monsters are also present in the house. This game comprises of amazing graphical and background sound effects which adds life to the game. Story of this game is too fast which is one of the best things of this game. There are no maps or help present in this game so you have to roam around the house and destroy all the monster while find the girl.


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