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Cities XL

Cities XL

Cities XL Free Download is one of the most popular, interesting, amazing and best city building games available in market which is developed and published by Monte Cristo on 8 October 2009. This game has been launched for only Microsoft Windows up till now. You can enjoy playing this game either alone as single player or can invite your friends and family to play with you as multiplayer.


By the help of this game you can build your own beautiful city according to your own wish. This game is based on an interesting storyline where you will enjoy each and every moment of this game. This game is a kind of unique game available in market which is full of fun and enjoyment. The main and basic aim of player in this game is to build up a beautifully decorated city where you will be the owner of this city.

SF5df5sdf5-Hit2k You need high skills in order to build your own city. You have to design your city with latest, modern and stylish way. Different structures are also available in order to build up your city like European structure, Asian structure or American structure you can select one of your own choice.


There are approximately three different kinds of buildings included in this game like industrial, residential or commercial which you can build. You can build roads and tunnels wherever needed. You will love to play this game as it comprises of high quality graphics and background music which adds life to the game.


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