Baidu Browser 43.23.1000.467 Full Version Download

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Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser – Baidu Browser Here is another browser in our collection arrived in time, I just want to ask the question – Why so many figures in the title of the version? (The answer is obtained, Damaks gave precise explanation, thanks to him). Well, this is another topic now about the program, download Spark Browser can be the full news. In general, the browser ka browser works with tabs View RSS can read, it is possible to control the mouse gestures, use the “hot” keys, you can automatically fill out web forms, block ads, use the built-in search, and so on.

Now the most interesting, the developers claim that their browser opens a Web page faster than Chrome 200 percent, he uses in his work Chromium technology and the use of Trident and the WebKit engines, they switch automatically, although you can do it handles. Runs it really quickly and pages smartly opens on account of interest can not say because they do not consider -) Outwardly, he liked me more than other browsers, there are several built-in themes that you can choose, rosy just super, I decided to stop at nai =) All Bookmarks it is automatically picked up from the Chrome, Russian support is not true, it is not happy, but overall you can work, and I think the developer himself is known to many, because it is Baidu.



Download: Baidu-Browser 43.23.1000.467  [46 Mb]

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