Destroy Windows 10 Spying v1.6 Build 716 Final version

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Destroy Windows 10 Spying

Destroy Windows 10 Spying – Destroy Windows 10 Spying  How much of this word, this operating system have been waiting more than anyone else, it as been criticized and praised, she herself to the company Microsoft has done everything to as many people have moved sooner to the new version of the OS, even on our web site Windows 10 – the hottest news, gathered almost 8,000 comments (at the time of publication of the news).


I am all for what … after people began to install it, there was a lot of users who began writing about spyware sewn into it, were more worry about the security of their data privacy. In consequence of which the user Nummer “released a utility called Destroy Windows 10 Spying, which will do everything for that would cut it out and turn off all the spyware in the operating system, then of course you can experience on this matter, but not as much, but it is better to stop do it.


If you go to the author of the program page (it is subject to rutracker) – you can read, it is necessary to turn off the handles in Windows 10 that would be safe so to speak, and you can forget it and just take advantage of its utility. Here is a small excerpt of his advice, what to do before installing the OS Win10 “Do not use Express Setup. Use hand. Remove all dumb show. Do not use the Microsoft account. Create a local.”


Summing up, the program is the Destroy Windows 10 Spying can be turned off tasks and keyloggers in Windows 10, plus it is ruled by the hosts file by adding back all service reception of various types of Microsoft reports, advertising on Skype is disabled and, if desired, you can remove the sewn into the OS applications, that many seem to be too intrusive or just unnecessary. Here is a miracle created “Nummer” – a low bow to him, thank you all for your attention, good luck in your work!

  1. Developer: Twitter Nummer
  2. License: FreeWare
  3. Language: Russian + English
  4. Size: 452 KB
  5. OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

DownloadDestroy -Windows- 10 Spying v1.6 Build 716

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