AIMP 4.00 Build 1683 Latest 2016 Full Version

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AIMP – AIMP 4.00 Build 1683  Is one Mp3 Media player developed since the cessation of the service Winamp in 2013. Perhaps there are many who do not know about AI-MP Build 1683 4:00’s. However, AI-MP 4.00 Build 1683  is equipped with a lot of Features will you get. Like, Equalizer, Tag Editor, Change Skin, and much more.



How to Install:

  1. Download AI-MP Build 1683 4.00 through the link above
  2. Run the installer AI-MP, then install as usual
  3. To install skins, please download the skin through the website AI MP
  4. Then paste the file skins (.acs3) in C: \ Program Files \ AI-MP3 \ Skins \
  5. Change skins AIMP AIMP you with a way to run> Preferences> Interface> Skins
  6. finished

Download: AI,MP 4.00 Build 1683 Latest 2016

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