XYplorer 16.10 Crack Plus Crack Full Version

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Hit2k.comXYplorer 16.10 Crack is a software that acts as a replacement management file from Windows Explorer. As we know that there are some disadvantages that of Windows Explorer, one of them is Windows Explorer does not have a tab if you open more than one of its Explorer menu. Well, this XY-plorer dengna existence, we will be much easier helped, because there are a lot of tabs with different locations. So for my friend who wants to transfer the data, it is suitable to use this XY plorer assistance.



Download:  XYplorer-16.10-Crack 

Installation Guide XYplorer:

  • Install XY plorer to finish, then run XY plorer.
  • Click the Help menu – Unlock Trial.
  • Open the file Keygen, enter the name of my friend and then copy-paste the name and serial on the form Unlock Trial was then click OK
  • XY plorer restart the application by clicking the File menu – Restart Without Saving.
  • Enjoy!

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