XAMPP for windows 10 Latest 2016 Is Here

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XAMPP for windows


XAMPP for windows

Hit2k.com – XAMPP final my friend wanted to use its own database Install WordPress, Joomla Install, Install Forum Vbuletin, another Install other related Sql database, phpMyAdmin .. If we rely on free Webhosting, can also .. but it must be in a state of online (connected to the Internet) how, if we made Localhost computer, and we can install wordprses with our own database, it would be very much simpler, cost-effective, also learned about abiding by Sql PhpMyAdmin smoothly in the world of webhosting.

with XAMPP for windows 10 already stepping version 7.0.2 with any renewal of the current best, we can make our computer as a server offline localhost, and run through a web browser, but in the offline state.many now also use Xampp as a localhost of web-based information system for the personal, CV, or a company because it is open source


XAMPP for windows

Install Setup Step

  • Download, extract, then Install XAMPP for windows
  • When installed, please navigate Directory Place outcome install it
  • could be in drive C or D
  • then after completion, open the XAMPP directory install its results,
  • then run “xampp-control.exe”, then, click Start, in the Aphace & MySQL
  • if already, open a browser pal, and typing “localhost / XAMPP”
  • xampp if the display appears the language selection, then you are successfully install it
  • now lives learn to install a CMS such as wordpress or other database-related or just plain HTML

Download: XAMPP

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