UKE warns: beware of calls from numbers in Africa

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A missed call from an unknown number? Better not call back. – UKE warns The Office of Electronic Communications announced the intensity of the phenomenon of missed calls from unknown numbers or so. “Deaf phones”.

The method of cheating subscribers (most mobile phone networks) involves the use of their tendency to call back a missed call. The so-called. “Deaf phones” appear most often in the evening or night and lasts a very short time. Scammers count on the fact that the user of a number to call back in the morning, generating a high fee.

Most often display telephone numbers appear in the Republic of Congo or the Ivory Coast, where area codes (243) and (225) may suggest domestic calls, for example. Warsaw (22) or Plock (24). According to UKE signals reaching the last there are also numbers like Polish mobile numbers, for example. (703 XXX XXX), which use the same mechanism of cheating subscribers.

It also happens that these connections are deliberately extended, eg. You can hear the disconnect signal, but if he presses the red phone symbol, the connection continues, and hence, the operator will charge high fees.

President of UKE calls for consideration before placing a call or write-down. Previously, check if the number is not the number of foreign (international calls are more expensive), or whether there may be a number range used for the provision of premium rate services (eg. 708 XXX XXX). You can check on the UKE website.

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