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KMPlayer 4

KMPlayer 4 – We share with you one of the best programs of its kind KMPlayer is the latest version so far, this is a powerful program that supports multimedia player with hundreds and hundreds of either audio or video formats, including this accounts with many more configuration tools for the same files, the software is complete for Download in perfect Spanish language, find all details below in the publication, features, information and capture KMPlayer 4 in one downlink full Mega, hope that this contribution will be helpful, leave a comment and share, remember to see the Utility Programs category.


The KM Player – is a versatile player who can run almost all media formats, such as the format of VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime and others . The program also includes the titles on DVD discs and can record audio, video or images of any part of the game piece. The player can work with internal and external filters and plug-in that allows you to control audio and video files playable settings. KMPlayer includes almost all the major codecs to play media.

The KMPlayer includes almost all the essential decoders required for media playback. In addition, to go beyond the limitation of internal decoders, the external commercial decoders such as H.264 decoders or cyberlink / InterVideo audio can be specified, so it works optimally by KMP own user customization. Although the KMP is based on DirectShow structure supports Winamp, RealMedia and QuickTime by the internal logic. Therefore, it is possible to specify where to try to connect firstly the media in preferences.

The player can establish the effects of multiple audio and video, slow down or increase playback speed with regular tone, select parts of a video as favorites, do an exceptionally powerful AB repeat, remap the keys of remote interface for HTPC including overlay screen controls, change a skin dynamically depending on a type of game media and many more. It is completely customizable thanks to a wide selection of skins and color schemes, and configuration options are extensive.

KMPlayer developed by a South Korean engineer and is well known for stable and various features and used by millions of users every day motor. In order to develop the KMPlayer to the next level to accommodate growing needs around the world, Pandora TV, the largest video streaming company in Korea has acquired the technology, including source code and core engine for the KMPlayer original developer, Kang Yong-Huee in August 2007.

Dwonload: KM-Player Final 2016

Various File Format Support & Hardware Support

  1. • ||—KMP is based on DirectShow so it supports almost all Windows Media formats.
  2. • ||—KMP also supports Winamp, RealMedia, QuickTime, Flash (SWF) through the ground-up
  3. • ||—KMP supports the most media formats compared to all media players in the world.
  4. • ||—KMP supports DirectShow extension WDM (TV / cameras) and DVDs ..

Several options

  1. • Several compatible proportions (4: 3, 16: 9 2.35: 1, 1.85: 1, etc.)
  2. • Speed ​​control.
  3. • Various subtitle options.
  4. • Video Standard configuration: Soften / Sharpen / Blend Color / Input Reverse / Reverse
  5. • Advanced Video Settings: Remove Afterimage / Remove 3D Noise / Remove Noise in Phases
  6. • Manage still images, video captures, filters, etc.
  7. • Flash compatible format (FLV, SWF).
  8. • view live broadcasts URL (VOD, MMS).

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