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CCleaner 5.13

CCleaner 5.13 – CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is a free program for cleaning windows from unnecessary garbage. By removing unnecessary files and other unnecessary elements, the system will be more stable and efficient, and on the hard drive get more free space. The process of analysis and purification computer from garbage takes very little time.

After the program, we get to a variety of system tools. One of the most important functions of the program is under “Cleaner”, which carries out an in-depth analysis of the data and then deletes the surging garbage.



Users can manually adjust which elements will be taken into account during the removal. Among them we find, among others, temporary Internet files, browsing history, cookies (cookies), index.dat files, temporary files, log files, cache DNS cache elements and other unnecessary data created by programs (FileZilla, Adobe Reader, MS Office, uTorrent or Skype) .

CCleaner offers an advanced system of active surveillance that continuously scans your computer and informs you of the possibility of releasing unnecessary system resources. In addition, it has a different useful module, whereby repair and cleanse the system registry. To this end, the application has been equipped with advanced scanner to find problems in the registry. It is able to detect problems with fonts, installers, system services or in the “autorun”.

It is also worth mentioning the additional tools that are used to remove installed programs on your system, erasing data from hard drive, system restore, search and manage duplicate files section, “autorun”, ie all processes actuators along with the system. DownloadCCleaner 5.13

Drop-down list you will also find a portable version (portable) and CCleaner Professional, which has, among others, the ability to monitor the system in real time.

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