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Windows 7 Manager 5


Windows 7 Manager 5 Latest – Windows 7 Manager 5 ,What about the state of our computer ..? does seem slow .. uninstall the software when just a little ..? This time I will provide software to help improve the performance of our computers. Windows 7 Manager 5.1.7 is the latest POPULAR software that is able to optimize and help improve the speed of windows 7 us.
and delete files that were considered JUNK / bin, check the registry system is not essential to be deleted or repaired. so as not to burden the hard drive.

in this software, we will provide Coustumize system, FIREWALL, Security Folder,, alter manufacture our laptop, change the logo image in propertise computer, Clearly, with this software, windows 7 so much easier to control, because there is a system of systems that can we rely on as privise personal computers, if we had wanted to use this software,, in the invite.



Download: Windows 7 Manager 5.1.7 Full Latest

What’s New:

  • Add theme support for UEFI BIOS on Boot Manager.
  • Add the feature that automatically shutdown after the schmem done in Super Copy.
  • Perfect some functions.

Step activation:

  • Before running Keygen, make sure Windows 7 Install First his manager
  • Install Windows 7 manager
  • Run Keygen, silhkan Click PATCH, Use to register
  • done

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