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Tekken 5 Pc Games

Tekken 5 Pc Games:

Tekken 5 Pc  is one of the famous and popular action and fighting game available in market which is developed and published by Namco on 2004. It is the fifth instalment of Tekken game series which was first launched for Arcade only. After successful launching of this game for Arcade and PlayStation 2 it is now available for Microsoft Windows too. You can enjoy playing this game alone as single player or can invite your family and friends to play as multiplayer. You can enjoy fighting with your favourite characters of the game.


This game has been launched with so many new, latest and improved graphic levels. This game has stunning, adorable and outstanding graphics with detailed surroundings and characters. It has a new feature of crush system vulnerability of a character by the help of which your attack can become more affected. Every character of this game can be customized according to the will of the player.


You can change dress of your character or can provide them with the equipments by the help of the money you have earned by fighting on previous levels or stages. This time it contains a series of stages to play including time attack, survival, arcade battle, story and side story devil. Among 32 different characters included in these game 7 characters are new, 6 characters are playable and the 7th one is the final boss of arcade mode named as Jinpachi Mishima. This time this game includes more fluid and fighting system for players to enjoy. There are lots and lots of new moves added to this game.



Download:  Tekken 5 Games

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