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Spirit of Wandering Free Download

Spirit of Wandering Free Download is one of the most interesting, popular, amazing and best puzzle or adventure games available in market which has been launched for various other platforms but the best one to play and enjoy is Microsoft Windows. This game is based on an interesting story line where you can play and enjoy each and every moment of this game.


This game has been launched for the people belong to different age groups. This game includes so many beautiful locations, objects and menu icons. This game includes single playing mode only but if you want you can create your own profile with your own name on it in order to check the progress as you can make or break records by making high scores. This game comprises of so many difficult and challenging levels which need to be completed with full concentration and by paying high attention to the task given to you.


The main and basic objective of this game is to find out the items from different locations. You will be given a location along with list of hidden items all you need to do is use your high thinking skills to find all of the objects. As you pass the level location will get changed in each level. At the beginning of the game all of the levels are locked whereas in order to unlock the level you need to complete the previous level. You can get help from the hint button on your screen. Graphics and background music of this game is superb.

Download: Spirit-of-Wandering- [70 Mb]


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