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QuickTime PRO keygen

QuickTime PRO keygen

Hit2k.com – This QuickTime PRO 7  Latest Verion is a type of digital media player from Apple Company that has a complete Fiture and application framework that is capable of displaying various types of media such as video, audio, image and movie Virtuality Online. On MAC OS X, this application is a media player application of its standards, while in the Platform available as a standalone package that terintergarsi with Itunes. 2 QuickTime played in a Leading Role in Multimedia, the first can be used to playback MPEG, MP3, H.264, 3GPP, AAC, JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc, as well as integrated with many Web Browser to be able Streaming Video. and the second as the role of the QuickTime multimedia architecture for third-party applications, in other words QuickTime uses its ability to handle media content, for example, making Screen Capture Video, Convert Media with dozens of formats. and sebaginya, well for us who want or just want to try it, at the invite



Here are some key features of “QuickTime”:

· Create H.264 video
· Convert video to iPod
· Record audio for podcasting or narration
· Background Exporting
· On screen playback control in full screen mode
· Create surround sound audio
· Save movies from the web *
· Full screen playback
· Create content for mobile phones
· Create a file MPEG-4
· Cut / copy / paste editing
· Create slideshow
· Convert media for dozens of formats
· Create skins Media
· Watch the streaming video in the player or web browser
· View more than 200 different types of media files
· Automatic detection of connection speeds
· Set the video and audio settings
· Play video H.264
· Surround Sound Audio Playback
· Access to the QuickTime content guide
Adjust the playback speed of the film ·

Step Activation

  • install Software
  • Open Folder “keygen”
  • Run the keygen, enter a name, and click Generate
  • then run QuickTime PRO
  • select menu, Edit, Preferences, and then Register
  • enter the name and serial of keygen had to register
  • full don.

Download:  QuickTime PRO 

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